Instant Gas Fires Water Heater



  • Efficient heat transfer rate provides hot water in 15-20 min
  • High quality glass wool insulation keeps water warm for 8 to 10 hours
  • Heavy duty MS tank provides long life against extreme weather conditions
  • Imported chrome plated super efficient sandwich burner for uniform & efficient flame at low cost of fuel
  • High temperature resistant inner coating to prevent corrosion
  • High quality thermal insulation minimizes heat loss and keeps water warm for a long period of time
  • Gas supply is cut off immediately if the pilot flame is extinguished either by operator or by accident
  • Main burner is ignited immediately once water temperature falls below preset level and shuts off as soon as the desired temperature is reached
  • Built-in gas pressure regulator ensures uniform gas flow, under all conditions
  • Imported energy saving gas controls and cutoff mechanisms ensures absolute safety
  • Optimized size of water connections ensures full flow of water